Welcome to Family Mediation Cymru

Please note we have changed our name from Family Mediation Cardiff to Family Mediation Cymru. As well as our Cardiff office we have outreach offices in Abergavenny, Blackwood, Bridgend, Brynmawr, Caerphilly, Cardiff, Cwmbran, Monmouth and Newport Click for more information on Outreach Offices

Who are we and how can we help

We are specialist family mediators offering high quality, professional mediation across South East Wales. 

Family mediation is a process in which an impartial mediator helps divorced or separated people to make decisions about their children, finances and property.

A trained mediator has a neutral role in helping couples to negotiate an agreement, and the decisions made are their own.

Mediation is a unique process and does not involve counselling or therapy. Nor is it arbitration where a third party makes the decisions. No legal or other advice is given. The underlying principle is that agreements reached by people themselves, as experts in what is right for them and their children, are more sustainable than court orders.

Separation and Decisions

When two people decide to separate there are usually a number of other decisions that need to be made about such issues as:

• How to separate

What to say to the children

• Who will live where

The distribution of money and property

Mediation provides an opportunity for you to consider these matters together with the help of a mediator, to decide jointly what you think are the best arrangements for you and your family.

How does mediation work

A trained mediator will meet with you both for a series of sessions, in which you will be helped to:

• Make a list of all the matters you wish to consider

• Collect the necessary information

• Talk about the choices open to you

• Negotiate with each other in order to reach decisions which are practicable and acceptable to you both

•Discuss how you can consult your children appropriately about arrangements you decide to make