Children’s Issues

Children's Issues boy on ground

The types of children’s issues that are focussed on in mediation include the following:-

  • Helping to set up contact arrangements for non-resident parents
  • Communication
  • Education and schooling
  • Religion
  • Holidays and special occasions
  • Maintenance for children and the duration of maintenance
  • Developing parenting plans
  • Issues around extended families and step families
  • Thinking about what is in the best interest of the children
Child Consultation

cropped-mother-and-son.pngIt is sometimes helpful for children to be given the chance to meet with a mediator themselves. This gives children the opportunity to express any concerns or opinions about the separation to a neutral third party. Both parents will need to agree to this meeting.

These consultations can often help parents to understand the feelings of their children and this information can be useful when developing future parenting plans.

The children decide what messages are to be fed back to the parents.